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Bird Barks And Acts Like A Guard Dog

Updated: May 14, 2022

Bird barking like a dog!

Peanut is a cockatoo like no other, he think he is a ferocious guard dog!

Peanut teamed up with Frances Kent’s family 21 years ago, when he was just a young impressionable bird. He grew up amongst dogs and just started copying and mimicking their actions so he could fit in.

Frances was quoted telling the Dodo “He started copying the dogs from early on,” “When the dogs would run to bark at the gate, he would follow and do the same.”

“He is very affectionate, super intelligent and can be just as mischievous,” she added.

For obvious reasons as you can see below, this bird has gone viral. He is basically a guard dog now, he roams around like a dog and barks pitch perfect!

Because Peanut the bird has been around for so long he is actually one of the senior dogs, or senior bird dog as the case may be.

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