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Dad Daughter Duo Go Viral With Amazing Lockdown Dance

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Ali And Michael Hoffman Lockdown Dance Duo

Texas dad Michael Hoffman and his daughter Ali are experts at moving to the beat.

Daughter Ali had the idea of making a fun dance video to make people smile during the Coronavirus pandemic. Michael said that he didn't require any convincing either..​

“It’s pretty much, Ali goes, ‘Dad, we’re going to do something silly’…and I went, ‘okay–let’s go!'”​ source: CBS

Their lip sync and dance routine in their kitchen has gone viral with over 1.5 million hits on youtube. Make sure you keep watching as it gets better and better!!

The father and daughter combo are no stranger to the limelight with their dance antics either.

Five years ago they did an "Ice Day Challenge" dance which also went viral. This helped inspire the lockdown dance this time around.

Check out the original dance video from 5 years ago below to Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk".

Fun is a big part of family life and the Hoffman's say it is a part of their DNA.

Since the release of the video, Ali has received multiple marriage proposals! I guess that guys really fall for a girl that has all the cool dance moves. Her father Michale has warned that all proposals still have to be vetted by the family. lol

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