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Horse Tries Sugar Cubes For The First Time

Horse trying sugar cubes

Lakota the horse has been a viral sensation with her cute and funny reaction to trying a sugar cube for the first time.

Lakota's owner Annalee Maloney from Alachua, Florida, said that "I wanted my horse Lakota to try a sugar cube, as I don’t believe she had ever had one before. She loved it, so I gave her another."

Annalee thought it would be fun to film Lakota's reaction to trying a sugar cube and we are glad that she did. Look at those horse lips fly!

Some of the comments have been

This is how addiction starts people. It's always that one person you thought was your friend.

My mom had let one of our horses try a can of Pepsi a few times, and he was over the moon! We sold him to a guy who herds cattle once he was trained up. A few years later we ran into the guy and he said the horse was famous in his small town because if he sees someone with a can of Pepsi he takes it! I guess he knows how to treat himself. Lol. I miss him, he was one of my best.

I never thought a horse could portray “Oh hell yeah!” So well.

If you were wondering if sugar cubes are healthy for horses, according to "Sugar cubes are a popular treat on many farms, but they are not the best choice for all horses. They are not healthy, but neither is the candy that we love to eat! In moderation, sugar cubes are okay for healthy horses, provided they do not have any kind of insulin-related issues. We all deserve a sweet treat every now and then, and so do our horses!"

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