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Nasty Fart Sparks Violence in Jail

Man farting in jail cartoon pic

There are many laws out there to obey and if you break them you will end you up in jail. We didn't realise that an act as innocent and smelly as farting could land you with jail time.

In 2006 Brian Bruggeman was doing time at the slammer at Lincoln County Jail with his cellmate Jesse Dorris when a very spiteful incident occurred.

Bruggeman had gas and Jesse was sick and tired of his cell stinking of Bruggeman's farts so he requested time and time again for a room change. Eventually his plea was heard and he was able to shift cells.

After the room shift, Bruggeman found his ex cellmate Dorris in the cafeteria line and went up and passed wind or "farted" if you will, right in the face of him. Dorris was none too pleased with this action. One thing lead to another and all of a sudden the two inmates were involved in a punch up.

Bruggeman, the man who farted in jail

Bruggeman would have been free in 90 days if he had kept his butt cheeks closed.

This crazy scenario ended with Bruggeman heading to court and facing up to 5 more years and $10,000 in fines.

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