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News Anchor Can't Stop Laughing At Pig With No Legs

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Pig With No Legs

You know that feeling of being unable to stop laughing and giggling? Well that happened to the news anchor that was reading a unique story about a pot belly pig with no legs.

The news anchor begins by only slightly giggling at the story but when he reads out the pigs name, it is game over for him and he loses it in a fit of laughter. The pig's name is "Chris P Bacon" so I am sure that you can see why the anchor found this so funny!

Watch of the incident take place below and have your own laugh alongside the news anchor.

The guy who named the pig "Chris P. Bacon" is an absolute legend

You gotta watch the news anchor years later just dying laughing my God it gets me every time!

I've literally been sitting here for 10 minutes, cracking up because of his name

Unfortunately a recent Youtube comment has advised us that Chris P Bacon has now passed away. Bear in mind that the original video was circulating 8 years ago. RIP Chris P Bacon.

@ChesterManfred Let's take a moment of respect for the people who truly know that the late Chris P. Bacon was the laugh of the studio by his name and not his defect. Chris shall rest in peace. Sky high, Chris.

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