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Old People Destroy Young People At Sports

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

If I was to tell you that an 84 year geriatric old man was stronger than a bunch of young weight lifting muscle heads at Venice Beach California, you would probably think I was nuts.

Online media website company Thrillist has managed to pull off one of the funniest pranks in history. They hired the talented CrossFit expert Kenny Leverich and organised a serious makeover to make his appearance look like a very senior member of the community. They then sent him on his way to muscle beach Venice to show the young strongmen what grey power is all about.

In this short 3 and a half minute video, some serious escapades take place. Both the onlookers and the body builders are left with their jaws well and truly on the floor!

There have been other pranks with young people dressing up as old folk such as the "Uncle Drew" basketball prank. Here you can see pro NBA baller Kyrie Irving who is disguised as an elderly man and teaches the young fellas a thing or two on the court.

The last prank on our list is a special golfing Grandma who can bomb her drives 300 yards. The person under the disguise here is long drive champion Troy Mullins who is a female long drive ace. The crowd really can't understand how this dear old granny is able to hit the long ball just like Tiger Woods!

We hope that you enjoyed the above sports pranks. Share them with your friends and make them laugh too :)

Keep Laughing Forever

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