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Pelican Tries To Eat Capybara

Pelican trying to eat capybara

There was a very hungry pelican at the Ichihara Elephant Kingdom in Chiba, Japan who was so hungry that he attempted to gobble down a capybara who was hanging out with their mother and sibling capybaras.

The young capybara can be very grateful that they are not a few months younger and smaller or else it could have been game over for the wee rodent.

Watch the hilarious incident below. I think that we can all agree that this just ain't going to work for Mr Pelican!

So why on earth is the Pelican trying to eat our capybara friend?

Pelicans are carnivores and eating other animals is just what they do. Usually though, a pelican will chow down on fish or perhaps crayfish or shellfish.

Pelicans are not too fussed though, as long as its food fits into their mouth, they will have a shot at eating it.

It is a very funny video because the capybara either doesn't know what is going on or realises that the Pelicans efforts are futile!

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