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Santa Chases Down Hit And Run Driver In Epic Chase Video

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Santa on motorcycle chasing hit n run offender

Santa certainly found someone to put on his naughty list back in 2017 when he saw a black Renault Clio knocking over an elderly female pedestrian and driving away instead of stopping like you are required to.

After witnessing this awful incident, Santa felt an obligation to chase down this hit and run driver. You can watch in the video below as Santa weaves through traffic on his motorcycle in pursuit of the perpetrator.

With so much sleigh driving experience it is no wonder that Santa is a whizz on a motorbike, watch below.

The original video has gone completely viral with over 11 million views on YouTube.

But who is the mystery crime fighting Santa Claus? Well, the YouTube star is known as Chris-RS and he is now a bit of YouTube star with multiple videos on his channel which have over 1 million hits.

Chris manages to tail the naughty driver until he eventually runs into some police officers and he tells them "Sir! Sir! There's a car which hit someone and escaped. It's there! It's a Clio".

The police were able to apprehend the suspect and an arrest was made.

As for the lady who was hit? You will be pleased to know that she was fine after the spiteful incident.

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