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Scientist Debunks Anti-vaxxer And It's Hilarious

Updated: May 14, 2022

Scientist debunking anti-vaxxer

Scientist Tracy Ruscetti has become a viral sensation on social media where she methodically goes through an anti-vaxxers video point by point and exposes all the untruths that a TikTok user was spreading in a misinforming vaccine video.

Tracy stated that she initially joined TikTok because she “made a resolution in 2020 that I wanted to laugh every day.” She is obviously on our wavelength because that is the whole reason that our website exisits! To make people laugh every day!

Anyway, last November, Tracy made a post which indicated what percentage of the population that were keen on getting vaccinated for Covid-19. There were many comments on her post which made her see that “it was very, very clear that people just didn’t understand the underlying biology, just did not have a good sense of how cells worked, how molecules worked, how viruses worked.”

Tracy stated that the problem with the type of video that she debunked is that they mix truths with false information, in her words the videos “Will say some true things and some not true things, and that’s when misinformation gets packaged into something that’s credible. And that’s the hardest thing for us to sort of combat.”

The beautiful thing about Tracy is that she is not telling anybody what to do, she wants to give people the correct inform give them info to make a “more informed decision.”

If you were wondering what Tracy's qualifications are, she has a Ph.D in microbiology and has worked as a scientist and senior lecturer. Hats off to you Tracy, you are a star!

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