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Spanish Disco Cats And Unitards

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The Story Of The Spanish Disco Troupe Ballet Zoom And Their Music Video 'Cats'

It is common knowledge that a lot of pretty weird and out there stuff happened in the 70s, there was psychedelic drugs, flared pants and free spirits.

Disco was also huge and in Spain 1973 there was a popular disco troupe in Spain called "Ballet Zoom" who had an extremely unique music video to their song "Cats". In this video, the troupe members are dressed in unitards and are prancing around with actually kitty cats!

It is unclear what type of drugs these guys were on at the time or whether they were just obsessed at being disco dancing felines. Either way, 50 years later this makes for some pretty awesome viewing.

So hopefully you have learned something new, Spanish Disco Troupes with Cats were a thing back in the 70's. Well played Ballet Zoom, well played.

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