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Squirrel Vs Bird Feeder.... Who wins?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

We all know that squirrels are big fans of nuts, but it turns out they are also pretty keen on birdseed too.

There is a type of bird feeder that ensures that the birdseed is not consumed by anything or anyone other than the birds. There is a squirrel out there however, that had other ideas wasn't prepared to admit defeat to a bird feeder just yet.

Who do you think wins in the video here, the cheeky squirrel or the newfangled bird feeder?

The Bird Feeder is owned by a man who lives in Attleboro, Massachusetts who goes by the name of Charlie Oliver. He has a bird feeder outside his kitchen window to feed the local birds. On Facebook Charlie stated that "There is a pair (of squirrels) that “makes the rounds” at breakfast time. A few seeds fall out, which they gobble up. But I think they have also figured out that this is really, really fun!"

Well, I am unsure if I would find this fun. I am pretty sure that I would throw up after spinning around like that. Either way though, it makes for a seriously funny video.

Enjoy, and share with your friends to make them smile too.

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