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The Bravest Bird EVER!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

It is a parents duty to protect their babies no matter what. The mother bird in this video is no exception to this rule either.

This video was taken in a field where the farmer needed to cultivate the soil, fortunately for the bird the farmer had notice mother bird and her nest earlier. The farmer proceeded to drive his tractor and cultivate the soil with extreme caution so as not to harm the bird and her eggs.

As the tractor approaches, mother bird remarkably refuses to budge, even though she is obviously no match for an 8 tonne tractor. She defends her nest like her life depends on it (literally). When the farmer approaches the bird with a tractor, mother does not want to withdraw from the nest no matter what. Her brave action has impressed many on the internet and the video has not surprisingly gone viral.

There has been talk that the brave bird may be a male or female pied plover which are known to be extremely protective of their nests.

George The Monkey

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