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The Crazy "Why Are You Closed?" Guy

Back in 2010 a man became famous just because he wanted to get into the shopping mall at the Eaton Centre Toronto.

It wasn't the fact that he wanted to get into the mall, it was the fact that he almost blew a gasket with rage and was a grown man throwing a tantrum that made him famous.

As you can see below in the original viral video which now has 3.7 million views, the man irrationally loses his cool and whilst banging on the door he yells out "Why are you closed? Tell us why you're closed?" "Tell us the reason: Why? Why?" "Why are you putting people through this?"

What makes this video even funnier is the random young man on the right who starts rubbing his body against the glass mall window. He obviously is sympathizing with the "why are you closed" man.

For those of you wondering why the mall was closed, it was because of the G20 riots that were occurring in Toronto at the time.

Whilst this video is hilarious the fun didn't stop there! A very talented musician by the name of Andre Antunes has made a metal remix song featuring the "why are you closed" man and his ranting. This has also gone viral with over 2 millions views on youtube!

"The main reason why I make videos such as these is to make people laugh in stressful times. Show people that you can change your perspective on harsh, negative or annoying things," said Antunes to blogTO.

"Videos like these really help me to create melodies I wouldn't create in my head alone, because what they 'sing' comes from a place of pure 'nonsense', that doesn't respect any particular music rule," he said.

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