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The Funniest "Follow Me For More Recipes"

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

You may or may not have seen some really weird food memes with the text "Follow Me For More Recipes". Now these are not exactly the kind of recipes that you would probably actually want to make, although some people out there do have some pretty random taste buds.

These funny recipes make most people laugh but hey, perhaps you could even try to make one of these weird dishes and potentially save yourself some money. They do appear to be quite cost effective.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Banana Bread

Here is the "Follow Me For More Recipes" Banana Bread. It turns out that you have been making it wrong all this time. The key is to leave the skin on the bananas and ram them through a loaf.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Eggs in Wieners

Well, if you enjoy hotdogs and also eggs, this is surely going to be a breakfast winner for you. I'm not going to mention what these delicacies remind me of though.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Cereal In Toast

Unsure whether to eat cereal or toast for breakfast? No worries, this recipe has got you covered.

Cheese Chapstick

If you need to snack at school but your teacher won't let you bring in your cheese sandwiches, just grab an old chapstick and fill it up with cheese! Genius!

Follow Me For More Recipes, Bologna Tacos

These Bologna Tacos filled with mashed Potato and peas are a little bit American and a little bit Mexican. A real treat for the kids if they have been behaving themselves or possibly as a birthday party dish.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Jello Denchers

What better dish to serve at a dentists party or possibly a funeral home than a jello mould loaded with candy teeth. Well, I am hoping that you are suppose to use candy teeth and not real denchers.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Blueberry, carrots and condiments on toast

You want your antioxidants but you are getting bored with smoothies? Why not try the blueberry, carrots and condiments on toast combo.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Love Heart Wiener on Macaroni

If you really want to impress your wife or girlfriend, nothing says I love you quite like this recipe of a wiener made into a love heart on some dry macaroni.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Bologna Cake

If you really want to wow your dinner guests, why not make some Bologna cake with hotdogs towers. Just glue it all together with mayo and ranch and decorate with olives and cheese whiz.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Burnt Pizza

You have heard of well done steak, but what about well done pizza? Looks so crunchy, black and delicious doesn't it.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Taco Tuesday

Turns out you don't even need taco shells to make Taco Tuesday happen, what a great recipe!

Follow Me For More Recipes, Fish Heads and Bananas

What do you get when you cross a fish with a banana? You get this awesome recipe of fish heads and bananas that have past there best.

Follow Me For More Recipes, Cheese Cake

Cheese cake like you have never seen it before, with real slices of cheese. Nom nom nom!

Follow Me For More Recipes, Baby Nachos

Spice up your Nachos with a doll. I am not sure that many people tried the Baby Squirts Nachos this night.

These fish tacos are the real deal. Complete with real fish eyes and real fish fins you can take your fish tacos to the next level with this clever recipe.

Well, there you have the collection of our favourite funny "Follow Me For More Recipes" memes. I guess it is off to the supermarket and then the kitchen to recreate some of these amazing dishes.

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