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Top Ten Coronavirus Puns

Keep yourself smiling through this pandemic with our collection of Coronavirus Puns. These puns will make you laugh so make sure that you share them with your friends to make them laugh too!

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Ok, lets get right into the puns.


I will tell you a Coronavirus joke now, but you will have to wait two weeks to see if you got it.


Because of the lockdown, we will only be telling inside jokes.


Finland has apparently closed all of their borders. Nobody is able to cross the finish line.


There is an absolute abundance of Coronavirus puns on social media, it is an absolute pundemic.


Now is definitely not the right time to start surrounding yourself with positive people.


In nice months time there is going to be a baby boom and 12 years later we will witness the arrival of the quaranteens.


The World Health Organisation has officially announced that dogs are not able to contract and carry Covid-19. All dogs that have been held in lockdown can now be released. WHO let the dogs out.


Do you have any idea why the virus was named the Novel Coronavirus? Because it is an extremely long story.


There has been a lot of panic buying in Germany of sausages and cheese. It is a wurst kase scenario.


The supermarkets in France all look like they have been hit by a natural disaster. All that remains is de brie.

Hopefully these Coronavirus Puns brought a smile to your face. Remember to take care of each other, wear your PPE and keep laughing forever!

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