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Top Ten "Rate My Plates" For 2023

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Firstly what is Rate My Plate? Well it is community group on Facebook where people share the meals that they create at home. This can range anywhere from a basic plate of beans on toast to a full gourmet roast dinner.

Now whilst this "Rate My Plate" business may sound a little mundane, it is anything but that. As you can see below, the food pictures vary from delicious looking all the way to something that you probably wouldn't want to feed to your dog.

The comments on some of the Rate My Plate's are what really makes the posts hilarious though, have a read of some of them below.

Roast dinner with undercooked spuds on Rate My Plate

Lee decided to send in a picture of his roast, but the real roasting began when people started commenting on his spuds.

peeling the spuds is only one part of the process lee. after that you have to cook them.

I’ve never seen a yorkie hot tub before. The only heat those potatoes have seen is from the gravy.

Full English Breakfast with green flakes in beans on Rate My Plate

Here is a full English breakfast by Matt. People didn't seem to be impressed by the green flakes in the beans.

should have taken the photo before you blew your nose in the beans matt.

Nice! We all need leaves in our beans Matt!

Spag Bol on on Rate My Plate

Phil decided to post a pic of his spag bol. Unfortunately his pasta wasn't well received by the Rate My Plate community.

I’d personally reduce the pasta cooking time by 38 minutes for a better experience

Who’s sneezed in it ??

Ham, Egg and Chips on Rate My Plate

Here is a Classic Ham with Egg n Cheeps by Blu. Many were not impressed by his dish.

You know that once you’ve fried an egg you can immediately plate it up, there’s no need to throw it under a double decker bus for extra flatness

The sprinkling of pepper finishes it for me, shows care and attention.

Lasagne that looks like Shepherds pie on Rate My Plate

Above is apparently a Homemade Cheesy Lasagna by Kate. Controversy followed with people speculating that this is actually a Shepherds pie and not a lasagne.

Who doesn’t love a Lasagna with 2 inch thick mash

Lasagne does not have mash on it that’s a cottage pie

Apparently I’ve been making lasagne wrong all these years

Chicken Drummies on Rate My Plate

Chicken Drummies for Tea by Casey. Apparently you just bake them and you are done!

Do y’all have seasoning over there or just tea?

you have to defrost them first casey.

Did you cook this in a tumble dryer

Classic Dinner on Rate My Plate

Classic Dinner by Paul received many classic comments!

can anyone else see the bacon turtle standing on its hind legs.

Eggs, chips, sausages and lung. My favourite.

Crisp Roll on Rate My Plate

Crisp Barn by Alan. I think a barn is a bread roll? nevertheless the Rate My Plate community did not appreciate his effort here.

Alan, you clearly need a lesson in gluttony. That roll (Barn??!!) needs to be squashed and refilled with at least two packets of crisps.. back of the class please

Two words come to mind and they are both, no. Alan, your artistic license should be revoked and you should be jailed.

CHicken Dinner on Rate My Plate

Chicken Dinner by Ste. Not sure what kind of name Ste is but people certainly used their imagination when rating his plate.

Ooh my!The rectum is cooperating but the stool says nah!

Beautiful looking Dinner, it took me a few minutes to find the chicken, I’m happy now.

English breakfast on Rate My Plate

Full English by Simon. looks like he went for the fancy restaurant presentation but didn't quite nail it!

I didn’t know social distancing was still a thing

I’m Scottish and even I’m offended by this so called “full English”

Alright, hopefully you found all of these Rate My Plate pics and comments as funny as I did.

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