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Vegan Mum Refuses To Get Rid Of Daughters Head Lice!

Girl with head lice

When your little one returns home with a head full of pesky lice, it's usually time to pull out all the stops and use every shampoo and treatment in sight to get rid of those critters pronto. But hold on to your hats, because an Aussie mom has taken a completely different approach, and it's truly head-scratching!

According to, one concerned parent wrote to an advice column about her vegan neighbor who refused to treat her child's head lice. Shocking, right? The vegan mom's reason for sparing the nits will leave you scratching your head in disbelief.

The worried parent shared, “My seven-year-old daughter is best friends with the girl next door, whose family are vegan. That’s fine, we respect their choice … my problem is that recently, this otherwise delightful child was at our house and scratching furiously, and I discovered she was crawling with head lice.”

After alerting the girl's mom about the lice situation, the vegan mom shockingly confessed that she didn't want to harm the little critters.

She went on to explain that she had been combing the lice into the garden, hoping they would thrive there. Imagine the horror of the concerned parent upon hearing this! Combing them into the garden? That's definitely not going to work, and nobody wants their child covered in these creepy crawlies.

The advice columnist didn't hold back and called the vegan mom a "sanctimonious twit." She even went as far as calling her a "monster" for subjecting the nits to a slow and painful demise in the backyard. Let's face it, those nits won't last a minute out there!

The columnist then came up with a mischievous but somewhat amusing idea for the worried parent. She suggested inviting the nit-ridden girl over for a "play hairdressers" day, where the concerned parent could personally remove the lice. The only concern was whether the lice-activist mom would find out and be upset.

Well, talk about a head-scratcher! In the end, it's up to the worried parent to find a solution, be it a friendly intervention or even a gentle reminder to the vegan mom that lice-free hair is pretty important too.

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