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Woman Looks Like Homer Simpson After Cosmetic Surgery

Homer With Lady Looking Like Homer Simpson After Cosmetic Surgery

TikTok user @thatgirljadee has become a hit on the internet after a she had a cosmetic surgery known as a "lip flip" and has been left looking like one of the funniest cartoon characters of all time, Homer Simpson.

As Jade explains in her video "What this is, is these are all little dots, little burns - it burns your flesh, I could smell it. Basically what it’s going to do, is when it heals, it’s going to tighten my skin and flip my lip upwards, making my lips appear bigger, because they will be bigger.

Lady who has Lip Flip looking like Homer Simpson

Why do this? Well the theory is that when the burns heal, it will tighten the skin around the lips and flip the lips outward giving them a larger and fuller look. Sounds like a lot of pain for not much gain to us, but hey, whatever makes you happy I guess.

The good news for Jade is that in todays mask wearing times, she won't look out of place if she chooses to wear a mask while her face gets a chance to heal.

The comments on this video have no let us down.

Homer Simpsonfication

Don’t smile, don’t frown. Whatever face you make the most will permanently heal that way.

there’s no way dealing with that side effect is worth the end result.

So how will Jade look after her cosmetic surgery heals? We are not sure but Homer Simpsons lips look pretty good shaven if you ask us!

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