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Young Lady Quits Job And Visits 196 Countries In 18 Months!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Taylor Demonean In Brazil

Taylor Demonbreun has probably visited more countries than all of us do in our lifetime and she did this all in 18 months.

Taylor studied Economics and Public Policy at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and went on to start working an intern job on Wall Street. She soon realised that Wall Street was not where her passion was and wanted to do a little travelling instead.

Taylor was no stranger to travelling, when she was studying at Uni she took 4 months off to tiki tour around Europe and managed to cover 20 countries over this time.

Now above when I mentioned a little travelling, I actually meant a hell of a lot! Taylor set out to set a Guinness world record to be the youngest person to visit all Sovereign countries. She visited 196 countries over the span of 18 months, impressive.

Well hats off to you Taylor, you did it! And whats more you made one of the coolest videos that we have ever seen. After watching it I feel like I just went around the world in under 10 minutes! Great job.

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