About Keep Laughing Forever


Hi, I'm B-Man.

I have been battling a chronic illness and been housebound for five years. With so much spare time on my hands I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to create a website. 

I wanted to create a website dedicated to my two favourite things in life, laughter and positivity. The name I came up with speaks for itself "Keep Laughing Forever".

I think we all need a little bit more laughter in our lives so I created a website with my favourite jokes on it and I made a Facebook page too. Yes, there are even some really really bad cheesy "dad" jokes on here because sometimes the worse the joke, the funnier it is!

The blog section has a new post or two each week and these articles are either one of the strangest and funniest stories that you will ever read or the post is another collection of funny jokes. Jokes are both unlimited and never ending which means that you truly can Keep Laughing Forever!

As for the clothing range, I wanted all the Keep Laughing Forever visitors and fans of the page to be able to share a positive message with everyone by wearing stylish Hoodies and T-Shirts with the uplifting message "Keep Laughing Forever".

I grew up in New Zealand and Australia so there is a special selection of Aussie Hoodies, Aussie T-shirts. Kiwi Hoodies and Kiwi Tees for all of the visitors and fans from Australasia.

We work with dotaudiences.com to monetize Keep Laughing Forever. This is so we can continue to provide you, our amazing readers with the best entertainment and laughs for free

Enjoy people! And Keep Laughing Forever!

B-Man and George The Monkey

Bman and George The Monkey