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The Funniest Woke Jokes

So What Is A Woke Joke?

A woke joke or more correctly an anti-woke joke is a joke that makes fun of how sensitive and overly politically correct society has become. Many people are keen to have anything that may be deemed slightly offensive to someone cancelled immediately and this has provided us with some hilarious jokes! Enjoy.



At the rate we are travelling, shampoo is going to be cancelled soon so that bald people do not get offended.




What do you call a woke droid from star wars?





What do you call a wolf that is woke?

An aware wolf.




What is the difference between the internet and the North Pole?

The internet has more snowflakes.




Why were the environmental activists protesting outside the primary school?

That heard a rumor that the kids were singing "rain, rain, go away."

Why did the laundromat have all of their social media accounts cancelled?

Because they kept telling people to separate the white from the colours.




What does a paleontologist and woke people have in common?

They both enjoy digging up the past.




All toothpaste ads have been banned.

Apparently people with no teeth are extremely offended.




An amazing new movie was released about a disabled seagull with a broken wing that learned to fly. Unfortunately the woke public ensured that it was immediately cancelled.

They were upset that a movie about a right wing extremist was in the public eye.




Unfortunately NASCAR has been cancelled.

The woke people heard that it was a human traffic ring.




Apparently some clouds are starting to be cancelled.

People are not happy that they were throwing shade at people.

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Funny anti-woke joke

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