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Girl Stands On Sink... It Breaks

Girls standing on sink

A girl and her friend thought it would be a grand idea to film themselves standing on bathroom sinks.

Watchers of this 2017 video have speculated that the video was filmed at their school and that they basically incriminated themselves by filming their destruction. So that makes the stupidity of the act twofold.

Watch the geniuses in action below.

Now if that wasn't enough to make you question life, you will probably be a little disappointed to hear that people have been sitting and standing on bathroom sinks in a TikTok trend "How supportive is your sink".

The bizarre trend was started by TikTok user @mandrewmyers who uploaded a video with instructions for completing a “mandatory sink strength test.” He explains that to perform this mandatory test you sit on your sink (“one leg is fine”), arch your back, and take a picture to send to anyone asking how supportive your sink is.

Now whilst this is all apparently thought to be a prank and people are not supposed to actually do it, you can see from the video below that sink sitting is alive and kicking.

Here is some free advice from Keep Laughing Forever, sinks are only meant for washing things, do not stand or sit on them. You are welcome.

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