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The Plant That Looks Like A Penis

Plant that looks like a penis

Yes, this is no joke either, there is a plant out there which looks extremely phallic and remarkably like a penis.

The plant is not called a penis flytrap or a daffidildo, it has a special name in nature called Nepenthes bokorensis.

Nepenthes bokorensis is a tropical pitcher plantendemic to Cambodia. Nepenthes bokorensis is a climbing plant, that can grow to a height of up to 7 m. Now that is one big plant schlonger!

All is not well though in the world of this phallic plant. Because of their humorous and unique nature, many people have been picking them and this is causing concern that they ma become extinct. So much so in fact that The Ministry of Environment's Facebook post and photos were responding to a video filmed on May 11 that showed the government has issued a warning against harming the phallic and photogenic plants; senior officials at the ministry asked tourists not to pick the plant in a statement in July 2021, because the activity could drive the plants to extinction.

Cambodian women with penis plants

A viral video is what triggered the the warning from the Cambodian government, three scantily clad women are seen harvesting several of the endangered flowers for online views.

One woman is subsequently seen smiling as she holds two of the phallic objects in her hands while cooing for the camera.

This is not on! We must protect the penis plants in Cambodia. Hopefully the governments warning doesn't fall on deaf ears as we can't imagine a world without these magical plants.

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