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10 Words And Terms That Have Been Banished For 2023

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Lady banned from speaking

Every year a university in state of Michigan in the US releases a list of words that are to be avoided!

The banished words list dates back to 1976. LSSU (Lake Superior State University) releases a list of banned words annually.

How is the list of banished words made up?

Nominations for words to be added to the list come from all around the globe.

The guidelines for a nomination is that the word or phrase should fall into the category of "misuse, overuse and uselessness".

This year over 1500 words and phrases were nominated!

Just because a word is banned one year it doesn't mean that is immune to being banned again and some words will feature in more than one list over time.

Here is the list of Banished words for 2023

1. GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) 2. Inflection point 3. Quiet quitting 4. Gaslighting 5. Moving forward 6. Amazing 7. Does that make sense? 8. Irregardless 9. Absolutely 10. It is what it is

As you can see the number one voted banned word this year was the term 'GOAT', which stands for Greatest of All Time. Many people feel the term is overused and doesn't really make much sense.

"Applied to everyone and everything from athletes to chicken wings," one person who voted for the banishment of the term said. "How can anyone or anything be the GOAT, anyway?"

Number 4 on the list is 'gaslighting' (manipulate (someone) using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.), Voters believed that this word is overused. I know I have personally seen people using this word a lot on social media and often incorrectly.

'Moving forward', is a term that one voter thought didn't make sense as people are unable to travel back in time, unless they own a Delorean of course!

'Amazing', was previously banned in 2012 and made the list again this year coming in at number 6.

What do you think about the idea of banning words?

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