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6 Legged Dog Rescued And Named After A Mermaid

6 legged dog

A six-legged doggo who was abandoned outside a shop is now thriving in her new loving home.

Meet Ariel, named after Disney’s Little Mermaid. She was discovered outside a B&M store in Pembrokeshire last September when she was just 11 weeks old. Luckily, the kind folks at Greenacres Rescue in Haverfordwest took her in.

6 legged dog

Ariel is no ordinary cocker spaniel. She has six legs, two vulvas, and only one kidney. Despite these very unique traits, she has landed the perfect family.

Ollie Bird, who runs an adaptive surf school in West Wales, is Ariel’s new owner. Living in Freshwater West, Ollie and his family hadn’t heard of Ariel’s story when they adopted her, but her arrival was perfectly timed as they were grieving the sad loss of their beloved 16-year-old dog.

Ollie recalls, “We found our old dog 13 years ago wandering on Freshwater West beach. He suddenly passed away, and for 48 hours we thought we wouldn’t get another dog. But our home felt so empty without one, so we reached out to Greenacres.”

Soon after, Greenacres introduced them to Ariel. “When we heard her story, we were overjoyed to welcome her into our family,” Ollie said. Ariel has settled in wonderfully. “She goes everywhere with us. She walks well but needs little breaks. If we go for a long walk, I carry her in a bag and give her plenty of rests. She loves swimming in the sea, paddle boarding, and surfing. She’s fantastic with kids and families, such a gentle soul.”

Ariel’s story touched many hearts around the world, and more than £15,000 was raised for her care. Her new family is deeply grateful for the support. “We’re thankful to everyone who called to check on her and donated money. People from around the world helped, and because of them, we have this amazing dog in our lives now,” Ollie shared.

But for Ariel, this isn’t just a happy ending—it’s a joyful beginning.

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