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Beatboxing Starlings Are The Birds With A Beat!

Updated: May 14, 2022

A video of two Starling birds making beatboxing noises has taken the internet by storm.

Beatboxing is usually associated with urban hip hop culture and not the wildlife and birdwatching community but when these beatboxing birds hit social media they unsurprisingly went viral with their bizarre and unique noises.

Starlings have roughly 10 different types of calls which they use to let each other know where they are, to warn if any danger is present, and to show their feelings and display how agitated they may be feeling.

These particular Starlings are cared for by Lloyd and Rose Buck Bird Specialists and Handlers. These two have been training birds for tv and films for over 20 years. Perhaps Eminem could use these beatboxing birds in a sequel to 8 Mile.

Watch below as these birds make some seriously interesting sounds and lay down a pretty funky beat too.

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