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Bees Make Blue And Green Honey

blue and green honeycomb

Back in 2012 something very mysterious was happening, bees in the town of Ribeauville, France were making different colored honey and bee keepers could not explain this phenomenon.

Don't bees make golden colored honey? Well yes, they usually do but these bees had been visiting a Mars factory which was 2.5 miles away and produced M&M's!

The company that produced the M&M's had not been cleaning their waste containers thoroughly and the bees had been getting into the remains of the candy production. As we all know M&M's have a lot of brightly colored food dye and this was effectively being transported from the factory to the beehive.

blue and green jars of honey

As you can see in the picture, the jars of honey that were being produced were various shades of green and blue. Whilst these jars of honey looked unique and interesting, they were not able to be sold and the beekeepers were not too happy.

Since the strange contamination incident occurred the nearby factory sharpened up it hygiene and now cleans the containers and also stores them in a covered factory hall. There has been no news of any further colored honey problems from the region since 2012.

In fact in 2020, France had a booming year honey wise. They had exceptionally warm weather and the Covid-19 restrictions provided a calm environment for bees to do their business. Every blue beehive has a silver lining I guess!

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