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Bride Makes People Apply For Places At Her Wedding

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Bride Makes People Apply For Her Wedding

A lady has revealed that her soon to be married sister is making people who wish to attend her upcoming wedding write a 500 word essay to apply for an invite!

The sister of the bride to be revealed all on the reddit forum 'AmITheAsshole' . The post is believed to be from the U.S , no surprises there, only in America right people!

The wedding is coming up next year in February and due to the crazy Covid-19 scene, the proposed wedding venue now has capacity restrictions which means that the guest list needed to be cut in half.

The really weird part is that the bride to be is actually making everybody apply and this includes family, even her parents! In the essay application, two questions are to be answered and they are "why do you want to celebrate this day with us?" and "what will attending our wedding mean to you specifically?".

Apparently the theory behind this whole essay idea is to figure out which guests are the keenest to attend and they will be the ones who win a ticket. Bizarre stuff to say the least but hey, it is 2020 and definitely not the weirdest thing that has happened so far this year.

The sister of the bride to be advised everyone on Reddit that anyone who doesn't write an essay will be automatically disqualified. She doesn't plan on writing an essay so it will be interesting to see if she misses the wedding or not.

Good on her we say, there is no way I would be applying to attend my sisters wedding!

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