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Bridesmaid Dresses As Dinosaur

It is not everyday that you see a T-Rex dinosaur and the chances of you seeing one at a wedding are even slimmer.

40 year old Deanna Adams from Omaha Nebraska is a pretty easy going lady, she told her bridesmaids that they could wear "whatever they’d like for the ceremony."

Her sister and bridesmaid to be Christina replied with a picture of the dinosaur T-Rex costume. To Christina's surprise her sister Deanna said that would be fine with a dino bridesmaid.

Christina had purchased a dress for the wedding but as the day approached the dress no longer fit her, she had always wanted a T-Rex costume and before she knew it she was standing in front of a bunch bunch of wedding guests dressed as a dinosaur!

Here is a short video from the special day.

We think that it looks like a pretty fun wedding to have been a part of. Well played girls!

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