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British Airways Serves KFC Instead Of Regular Meals After Catering Mishap

KFC chicken in bucket

It was a case of an unexpected twist in the meal department for British Airways passengers on July 23. Instead of the usual pre-packaged airplane meals, they were in for a finger-lickin' surprise - each passenger received a piece of delicious KFC chicken! During their 12-and-a-half-hour flight from Turks and Caicos to London, the plane made a pitstop in Nassau, Bahamas. Crew members ventured into the airport terminal and emerged with KFC buckets in hand, providing a scrumptious alternative to the standard plane food. Apologising for the deviation from the norm, British Airways expressed their regret for having to "wing it" on this occasion due to limited options at the airport. However, they made sure to take care of their customers by providing refreshment vouchers upon arrival at Heathrow Airport.

Airline served KFC instead of normal food

An onboard passenger, Andrew Bailey, took to Twitter to clarify that the mishap happened because the catering carts were not properly chilled. According to his account, the chilling system failed, leaving the crew without the standard meals. In an act of kindness, passengers who had received their chicken pieces shared them with those who had been without food for hours before the flight. While some passengers found the situation to be an "absolute disgrace," others commended the airline for stepping up with an alternative. One unnamed passenger praised British Airways for prioritizing safety, stating that the intense heat outside made the original food unsafe. They appreciated the airline's efforts to ensure everyone stayed safe and didn't go hungry. Plus, everyone received a voucher to purchase food upon arrival in London. In a now-deleted Instagram video, flight attendants were seen strutting down the aisles holding KFC buckets and distributing chicken to passengers using tongs. It was definitely an unexpected sight! So, while it might not have been the typical meal service, British Airways made sure their passengers had something tasty to tide them over. It was an adventure in the skies that left everyone with a finger-lickin' memory to share.

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