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Caramel Doughnut Cone With Caramel Syringe Is A Thing

Caramel Doughcone with Syringe

This soft serve creation in a glazed doughnut is an absolute sugar lovers dream. The creation was made by The Doughnut Bar in Brisbane, Australia. This would have to be one of the most decadent dessert treats ever seen!

For those of you wondering about what a Doughcone is, it is basically as it appears, an icecream in a doughnut. According to The Dough Cone a "Doughcone" is a delicious hand baked dessert from an old recipe from Eastern Europe that has been around for over 300 years.

This is not the only eye catching dessert that The Doughnut Bar makes though. How about these

Tim Tam Doughcone

This Doughcone is called the "Tim Tam" Doughcone and is made with the famous Aussie chocolate biscuit the "Tim Tam".

Cherry Ripe Doughcone

This Doughcone takes its name and is made from the famous Aussie chocolate bar the "Cherry Ripe". Wow, impressive.

Pretty impressive stuff. If you want to see more then view their menu here.

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