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Cat Works As Ticket Checker At Train Station

Cat working as ticket checker at train station

It is usually a person that monitors the ticket barriers at the train station but a female train ticket conscious cat by the name of "Mitzi" has been caught on camera sitting on the ticket turnstile at a station.

It is believed that this video was filmed in Kiryat Arye train station in the central Israeli town of Petah Tikval. Most of the passengers are too busy to pet the cat but the cat doesn't seem to mind, she just goes about her duty as a diligent ticket monitor.

Whilst most cats are timid in large crowd situations, this cat seems to be loving the fact that all of these commuters are walking passed and remembering to scan there train ticket. Most of the passengers are too busy to pet the cat but the cat doesn't seem to mind.

Unfortunately there is a massive overload of roughly two million stray cats in Israel, with 240,000 in Jerusalem. The British brought felines to Palestine in the late twentieth century to combat a rat problem and the cats have multiplied like rabbits. We assuming that rats no longer stand a chance over there though!

As shown in the news video below, "Mitzi" the cat is now a world famous social media star.

Social media is loving this feline ticket conductor

Well id be in trouble. I'd be holding up the line petting the cat and being like awe you're being such a good kitty so pretty lol and continuing to pet her. I mean she's being so good too.

I wouldn’t have been able to resist stroking the kitty..

They just keep can you not acknowledge that beautiful cat...right in front of them? Hhhhm.

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