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Chihuahua Waking In Car - Goes Viral!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Funny Video Of Chihuahuas Waking In Car
Chihuahuas Waking In Car

A video of two Japanese chihuahuas by the names of Maguro and Tororo has gone viral.

Maguro is one funny chihuahua dog who appears to be waking up in the car, or failing to wake up as the case may be when she seems to slip and fall down with an unforgettable expression on her funny chihuahua face.

The 2 cute little dogs are long coat chihuahuas are live in Hiroshima Japan with their owner Mr K Yoshihara. Mr Yoshihara was quoted by Buzzfeed saying that "Maguro's hilarious expression was thanks to her losing her footing while trying to sit." He was really suprised when he found out the video went viral worldwide and said "I didn't think it was that funny".

Well we sure as hell think it is funny!

The video has actually been around since 2017 and has become a viral meme and chihuahua gif with accompanying titles such as "when you're too tired to function" "good morning puppy meme" and "morning people vs me".

It really does look like some people when they first wake up in the morning don't you think? We love these cute little chihuahuas either way. :)

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