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DJ Runs In Marathon Whilst Pumping Out Tunes

Updated: Feb 3

Dj SUAT running in London Marathon

Zach Sabri, aka SUAT is probably the most mobile DJ you have ever seen. In fact, he is so mobile that he took part in the London marathon this year.

Sabri goes by the DJ name SUAT, and transforms himself into a walking nightclub when he travels around.

Complete with his DJ decks strapped to his body, SUAT was running along whilst pumping out his house music at the same time during the London marathon.

Whilst it appears that SUAT didn't actually officially enter the marathon and possibly joined the race midway, he most certainly gave his fellow runners a boost and his DJ scene seemed to be very well received by marathon entrants.

Watch the hilarious scene unfold below

Talk about positive vibes!

The internet seems to love him too.

we dont deserve but desperately need people like you, dj.. keep doin your great deeds to society

Thank you for bringing a positive vibe a smile to everyone’s face all the time :)

Well done DJ SUAT, keep dropping those beats and spreading joy through music.

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