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Dog Finds Kittens In His Bed

Updated: May 14, 2022

Dog finding kittens in his bed

Golden retriever Bailey got a big surprise when he went to have his lie down only to find that his bed was already occupied by two kittens.

Bailey tries everything to get these pesky kittens off of his bed, he gives them a little boop with his nose, he shakes the bed, he even tries to twist the bed in a way that forces the kittens off. He ends up being 50% successful in his efforts to clear his bed but the one defiant kitty is going nowhere and thinks it is just a playful game!

Well Bailey, now you know how the three bears felt after Goldilocks had paid them a little visit!

Watch the extremely cute and hilarious video below.

Some of the comments on this video:

CrampedStyle Cats are hilarious to me. They can jump, run, and leap at a minute's notice. But when they don't want to move, they really don't want to move. Lupe Chacon-Florez Bailey is so sweet that he’s doing all he can to get them out of his bed without hurting them. Beautiful baby. Kangaroo Ninja By Golden Retriever standards, this is a brutally vicious attack.

Bailey the dog is no stranger to internet fame either. Bailey has his own YouTube channel which currently has 645k followers.

If you enjoyed watching Bailey, check out when Bailey the dog tries eating a lime for the first time. His facial expressions are hilarious.

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