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Dog Makes Fun Of Corgi

Updated: May 14, 2022

Dog Making Fun Of Corgi

A hilarious video is making it's rounds on social media of a Jack-Russell Pug cross dog by the name of Dustin making fun of a Corgi by the name of Tayto for having short legs and it is hilarious!

The dogs belong to an Aussie lady by the name of Ailish Ryan who initially posted the hilarious video on her instagram with the caption "Dustin making fun of Tayto’s stumpy legs".

The funny part about the video is that perhaps Dustin doesn't realise that he too has pretty short legs! Nevertheless he seems pretty relentless with his teasing of Tayto the Corgi.

Watch the video below.

The comments on the video have not let us down as always

Blur even other dogs mock them, theyre so inferior pfff

FREN SQUAD Saaaad. Corgis try to be real dog but are broken.

Karen McDermott Nah that dogs just dragging his wiener along the carpet, you can see how much he enjoyed it when he stands up.

are you suggesting that a brute beast like a common dog cannot express complex ideals such as mockery and pettiness? should folks readily accept that dogs are all about penises and sniffing each others butts, and there's nothing more sophisticated at work than that?

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