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Double Decker Bus Racing In 1982

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The summer of 1982 saw the quirky event of a double decker bus race in the town of Northampton, England as part of the town's annual carnival celebrations. Six double-decker buses, each with a driver and co-driver, were entered to complete a six-lap circuit around the town.

As the race began, the buses hurried around the streets of Northampton town, trying to get the upper hand on their opponents. With ten drivers and their teams vying for supremacy, it was an exciting and unpredictable event.

During the race, there were a lot of close calls and moments of high drama. At one point, a bus drove onto the pavement trying to overtake another, while another bus hit a lamp post, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

Despite the evident dangers, the drivers remained unwavering and focused on winning. Some drivers even resorted to unorthodox tactics such as spraying other drivers with water hoses to gain an unfair advantage.

After much competition and anticipation, Terry Tellyn emerged victorious driving a bus owned by the local radio station 'Northants Radio.' He was able to steer his way expertly around the circuit without any major collisions to earn the top prize.

The post-race celebrations were equally ecstatic, with spectators celebrating the sheer absurdity of the event by dancing in the streets. The event has now become legendary in Northampton, showcasing the town's fun-loving spirit.

The 1982 double-decker bus race in Northampton remains a unique and unforgettable event to this day. It captured the town's sense of fun and humor, while offering a thrilling competition for all who took part.

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