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Ducklings Chasing Puppy - Cuteness Overload

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Ducklings chasing cute puppy

One of the trending videos on social media at the moment is the video of a bunch of ducklings following an adorable little puppy everywhere.

Viewers have been speculating that the ducklings have lost their mother and that they think that the wee puppy is their mother. Fair assumption really, the little puppy is roughly the same size and moves about as fast a mother duck!

The puppy and the ducklings have really pulled on peoples heart strings. Here are some of the comments on facebook from viewers full of puppy and duckling warmth.

How cute, awesome and sweet. All babies including the dog. Guess they thought the puppy was their momma. adorable..all humans should be this caring and funny...people don't smile or laugh enough these days...thats very sad..have a good day...

The pup represents "mum", young animals just want love, attention, protection and someone to follow. They are innocent- beautiful

Animals sure can make us feel warm and fuzzy. More animal stories below.

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