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Escaped Horse On Plane Forces 747 To Return To New York

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Hold onto your saddles, folks, because we've got quite the tale to tell! Picture this: a daring horse named Houdini, determined to break free from its stall, pulls off a daring escape on a massive Boeing 747 cargo plane. Buckle up for this wild ride!

After taking off from the Big Apple, bound for Belgium, the unsuspecting crew of the jumbo jet found themselves face-to-face with a hoofed stowaway.

In a memorable exchange captured on an air traffic control recording obtained by Live ATC, a pilot can be heard saying, "Yes sir, we are a cargo plane. We have a live animal, a horse, on board the airplane and the horse managed to escape its stall. We don't have a problem as of flying-wise, but we need to return to New York. We cannot get the horse back secure."

Now, imagine this: the equine adventurer had the audacity to make a break for it while the plane soared at a breathtaking 31,000 feet in the air. Talk about a high-stakes escape! Realizing they couldn't let this majestic animal roam free in the cabin, the crew made a quick U-turn off the coast of Boston.

But that's not all! To ensure a smooth landing, the courageous pilot had to make a difficult decision. They had to dump approximately 20 tonnes of fuel over the vast Atlantic Ocean, just to keep the aircraft within the safe weight limit. Talk about shedding some "baggage" in a hurry!

But here's where the story takes a compassionate twist. In a move that warmed our hearts, the pilot insisted on having a veterinarian standing by when they touched down at New York's JFK airport. "We have a horse in... difficulty," they informed air traffic control, showing their dedication to the well-being of this unexpected flyer.

Of course, we couldn't resist reaching out to the operator, Air Atlanta Icelandic, to hear their side of this surprising escapade. Now we eagerly await their comment on this extraordinary tail—oops, we mean tale!

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