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Frozen Turds Fall From Airplane Terrifying Neighborhood

A Strange occurrence has occured in Waterlooville, near Portsmouth in the UK involving frozen turds falling out of the sky from a great height.

Photo of frozen turd fallen from airplane

Neighbors Lisa Boyd and Louise Browne ran outside after hearing a very loud thump.

Lisa was quoted telling The Sun "I thought someone had crashed their scooter outside, there was a big whirring noise and huge thud so I looked out the window and there was just this lump of ice on the floor.

"We were just thankful no one was walking past and nobody got hit by it because it could've killed someone."

Frozen Turds In Plastic Bag

The locals believe that the dangerous frozen turds were dropped from an airplane toilet flying overhead. After heading outside and approaching the foreign fallen object from the sky, a disgusting odor filled the air and upon closer examination the locals could see human poo and toilet paper. Eeew!

The Civil Aviation Authority has said that all toilet excrement remains stored inside an aircraft and is removed on the tarmac before the next flight.

"Ice falls from aircraft are considered to be rare in UK airspace, and can be a result of meteorological phenomena," they said.

Well to us this doesn't sound like the result of random weather, it sounds more like there was a hole somewhere in the sewerage system!

Either way, the lesson to be learnt is to always beware of falling frozen turds from the sky when you see a plane up there in the sky!

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