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Funny "Football's Coming To Rome" Jokes And Memes

Updated: May 14, 2022

Classic It's Coming To Rome meme featuring jersey pull

A bundle of hilarious jokes and memes have come out following the Euro 2021 football final with the slogan "Football's Coming To Rome". In case you have been sleeping under a rock lately you would have heard that Italy beat England in the Euro football to win the title. Whilst that itself is kind of funny (if you aren't English), what is even funnier is the jokes and memes following Italy's victory.

England reignited their song from the 1996 Euro Football Tournament by Three Lions "Football's Coming Home" referring to England winning the title. It was a clever campaign and the England supporters got on board with the song wearing apparel that had the slogan on it and really got behind their team, unfortunately they didn't win though so jokes have been flying about the loss.

Instead of "Football's Coming Home" it has been reworded by Italian supporters to "Football's Coming To Rome" as you can see in the following meme.

Funny Football's Coming To Rome Meme

It just wouldn't be a session of memes without the often used meme from the movie "Finding Neverland".

funny meme about It's Coming Home Football loss from Finding Neverland.

Not so fast there England, not so fast....

Funny religious meme from euro football final

Looks like the Euro Cup is definitely Brexiting it's way to Italy.

Brexit meme from the Euro Football final

When England are the pineapple and just don't belong in the Euros anymore, or on a pizza for that matter.

England Pineapple on Pizza Euro Football meme

Apparently the football post has been redirected to Italy.

Football being posted to Rome instead of England Euro meme

Hopefully you got a chuckle out of these jokes. Perhaps England will have a bit more luck at the next Euro Football Cup and Football will come home, but until then Football Is Coming To Rome.

More funny stuff below.

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