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The Funniest Xavier Comments And Memes

Updated: Jan 24

Photo of Xavier who make funny and savage comments on social media

We have put together a collection of the funniest and most savage social media comments by Xavier. If you are wondering who Xavier is, here is the story...

A man by the name of Pakula Papaito who went by the handle @PakaluPapito was an absolute rockstar on social media and he had around 800k Twitter followers and 500k Facebook page followers before both accounts were taken down.

But the banter didn't stop when his social media accounts were removed because people had saved screenshots of his savage and funny comments and they were being shared everywhere because they were so funny!

Anyway, social media users started using Pakula's profile pic to create other hilarious memes and comments and one of the popular names used in these memes with funny comments is "Xavier".

So let's get into Xavier's finest work with some seriously funny comments.

Xaviers friend may be able to fool everyone else, but Xavier knows the wingnut behind this mystery.

Xavier commenting on man with headphones on and big ears

Xavier respect for the power of the old school Nokia mobile phones knows no bounds. Especially the longevity of their lasting battery power.

Funny meme of Xaviers commenting on Nokia mobile phones

When Selena Gomez looks like a traffic light, you can bet Xavier has something clever to say about this tri colour post. Stop... Wait.... Go!!

For any lucky single ladies out there wondering if Xavier is on the market. You are most certainly in luck, but be quick, he is a real catch and will be snapped up soon!

Funny Xavier meme about him having no girlfriend but having the courage

Xavier actually makes an excellent point here regarding Covid-19. There is much dangerous misinformation out there and he points this out with his comment here.

Funny comment from Xavier about dangerous Covid-19

You can't pull the wool over Xavier's eyes, he knows when you are trying to use the same child model in a photo in a parenting photo.

funny comment from xavier about Dad with child photo.

Xavier really wants to be a billionaire, just like his uncle.

Funny comment from Xavier about his uncle wanting to be a billionaire

Xavier even respects the king of rap as shown in his comment here referring to the movie "8 Mile". He knows that noone beats Em in a rap battle.

Funny Xavier meme about 8 mile and Avengers and Eminem

Hilarious banter from Xavier here about whether married ants die faster than single ants! You know Xavier is clever when he can even make wildlife posts funny.

Funny comment from Xavier about whether single ants live longer than married ants.

Unsure who Xavier's latest love is but it seems that his curtains sure do remind him of her.

Funny xavier meme about curtains that look like cleavage

We hope you got a laugh out of these funny Xavier comments and memes. If you want to follow him on Facebook you can here

For more laughs read another story below.

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