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Giraffes Platform Dive Into Olympic Pool

Giraffes are very talented animals, they can reach extremely high places, they can run speeds of up to 60 km/h, but did you know that they are really good at platform diving as well?

Have a look at this video for yourself.

This extremely entertaining and clever video has actually been around since its creation in 2013. Many people have actually been fooled by this video and have believed it to be real so don't feel alone if you thought these Giraffes were real too.

The video is actually an extremely well made animation called "5 Metres 80" and it was made by Cube Creative which is s a production company of 2D / 3D animation and digital special effects based in Paris France. and directed by Nicholas Deveaux.

The company has won multiple awards for their awesome videos and we can totally see why.

Just in case you were wondering, you will be pleased to know that actual giraffes were used or harmed during the production of "5 Metres 80".

Keep Laughing Forever is very impressed by this video and wonder if we will ever one day see a real life platform diving giraffe. In the meantime...

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