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Guy Spends $150k To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

man looking like Kim Kardashian
source: instagram jordanjamesparke

Jordan James Parke from Birmingham U.K is not your average Kim Kardashian fan, he has taken obsession to a whole new level.

Jordan is a fan of "strong women" including Katie Price, Mariah Carey and of course Kim Kardashian.

He is also a huge fan of celebrity plastic surgery and has had over 50 cosmetic procedures performed on him including two nose jobs, a chin implant, eyebrow tattoos, lip filler, jaw-line filler, non-surgical face lifts, laser hair removal, a full face of Botox and vampire treatments.

Jordan has spent over $150k USD. Have a watch below as he discusses his surgery's.

A truly unique story if you ask me!

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