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Hilarious Lemur And Dog Play Tag

Updated: May 22, 2021

If this video doesn't bring a smile to your face I don't know what will.

In this super cute video, a cheeky lemur flies from the cars to the owners shoulder as the dog runs around trying to keep up with the lemurs slick moves.

The video was posted by Kory Felty on January 30, 2021 / Mt Pleasant, Tennessee, USA who said "This video was taken at my house with my mother and daughter we were putting hay out for my horses and my dog always loves playing with Wyomi, the lemur".

Here are a few fun facts about lemurs

Lemurs use their tails to get extra air when jumping from tree to tree.

Lemurs stink! They even communicate with each other with their scent.

Lemurs are one of the loudest primates. They use howls and barks to communicate with each other and also as a way of alerting their buddies to dangers.

One activity that lemurs enjoy doing together is sunbathing!

Lemurs are sadly becoming extinct. Mainly due to the fact that their home in Madagascar is being destroyed for forestry reasons.

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