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Hippo Eating Watermelons In One Bite

Hippo Eating Watermelon

The Hippos at the Nagasaki Biopark In Japan are able to crush watermelons with just one bite!

The internet can't get enough of watching the jaw power of these extraordinary Hippos as they pop watermelons in their mouth like they were mere grapes.

The Hippos are fed these watermelons twice a day in the summer and they love them, seeds, skin and all!

There is something quite satisfying about watching the Hippo who has the strongest jaw out of all the herbivores on the planet just crush these melons. Watch below

The average hippo jaw has the power of 1,800 PSI which makes it the third strongest animal jaw on the plant behind the Saltwater Crocodile and the Great White Shark. We don't recommend getting bitten by either.

The internet loves these hippos crushing watermelons, here are some comments.

To put this in perspective, it takes roughly 300lbs of force to crush a watermelon. Yup, that's terrifying.

Geez, that mouth is huge

Hippos are just fat dragons

A few Hippo Jokes.

What do you call a hippo who has long hair?

A hippie.

What do you call a hippo that doesn't have any eyes?

A hppo.

What kind of dancing are hippos best at?

Hip Hoppotamus

What do you call a hippo that farts a lot?

A rippofartamus.

What do you call a hippo that doesn't do as he says?

A Hippo-crit

What do you call a hippo with a man bun?

A hippster

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