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Horse Passes Mammoth Amount Of Gas

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The horse in this windy video goes by the name of Archy and he lives on the "Rocking Horse Ranch" in Blossom Valley, San Jose. Archy had been harshly abused and was fortunately rescued from a close to death state.

In order to help pass the gas and get those impressive farts out, Archy rolls around on the floor to help release those methane clouds. Horses don't always roll around on the ground in order to fart, they often fart in a standing up position. I'm guessing that Archy had some pretty serious blockage going on with the way he acts in the video.

A horses digestive system is a vulnerable system and owners must be vigilant by keeping a close watch over it to ensure it is functioning properly. If a horse is farting a lot it could be a diet issue or the horse just may have faster gastrointestinal motility. Sometimes it can be a bit more serious and the horse may have "colic" in which case fast treatment can be a life saver for the horse.

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