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Husband Calling Contest In Iowa

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

lady in husband calling contest

The Iowa State Fair is like no other, why? Because it holds a husband calling competition where the wives of said husbands take to the stage and perform their best "husband call".

The Iowa State Fair marketing director Mindy Williamson says that each year the contest receives about 12 to 15 entries.

A TikTok video, posted by the account @_rhinestonecowboy, of the 2017 Iowa State Fair husband calling contest is currently going viral, amassing millions views so far on social media.

The video shows not only the hilarious lengths wives will go to in getting their husbands to "listen" – but to also shows their vocal capabilities and range in a fun way.

What is the grand prize for winning this prestigious contest? The winner gets 5 dollars and all of the other contestants receive a ribbon for competing.

Have a watch below

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