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Insanely Funny Uranus Jokes For 2023

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Funny Uranus Pun And Joke

We have put together the funniest collections of puns and jokes about the planet Uranus. Whilst you probably have to be a person who has a slightly dirty sense of humor to get these jokes, some of these jokes are actually really clever!

Patient: "Doctor, am I going to be alright?"

Doctor: "I'm not too sure, Mercury is in Uranus now"

Patient: "But I don't know much about astronomy and space"

Doctor: “Neither do I, but I do know that my thermometer just snapped inside you."

If you look really really closely, you can see the wrinkles between the rings of Uranus.

What does Captain Kirk and folded up toilet paper have in common?.........They both hunt around Uranus looking for Klingons.

If Uranus is disgusting, why on earth do NASA take so many photos of it?

I am able to see Uranus from my house and it looks extremely gassy.

You had better get on the phone and warn NASA that there is only going to be 7 planets left after I annihilate Uranus.

Why is it best to stand against a wall when you visit NASA?

They love exploring Uranus.

We really need to keep planet earth nice and tidy.

It is not Uranus you know.

Sir William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781. But this discovery was roughly 200 years before you were born. How is this possible!?

Uranus is massive!!

Why did Mars turn permanently red?

Because it saw Uranus.

The winds of Uranus tend to stop and start a lot.

Many say that the wind is broken.

Uranus has more gas than BP.

The teacher asks her students "What is the closest planet to Earth?"

The class all respond by yelling out "The sun!"

Little Johnny then puts his hand up as says "Uranus".

The teacher looks confused and asks "why do you think that Johhny?"

Little Johnny replies to her "because it is right behind you Miss".

Your butt is always going to be bigger than Uranus.

What is the most disliked job given to staff at NASA?

Probing Uranus.

Latest space news. Uranus has a huge split in it and is leaking methane.

Did you know that Uranus is even bigger than Earth!

The teacher is taking a class and teaching her young students about the solar system. She asks the students if any of them have any questions about the planets.

Little Johnny puts his hand up and asks "Are you able to plow through Uranus because it is made of gas?"

Two students are building a model of the solar system.

Student 1: Did you remember to bring Uranus like I asked you?

Student 2: I never leave home without it!

I hear that Uranus just floats around in space. Can you explain that?

Uranus is extremely cold.

How do you measure the circumference of Uranus?

By examining the ring around it

Why is it that Uranus smells distinctly like farts?

Apparently NASA are extremely tired of all of the jokes that are made about Uranus so they decided to rename it to Urectum.

The biggest kept secret is that Uranus is not a planet, you are actually sitting on it!

The real space question that not even NASA can answer is why do we classify Uranus as a planet and not as a black hole?

Did you realise that earth is able to fit inside Uranus 63 times? It is actually 64 if you really relax.

Some people believe that the earth is flat, but everyone knows that Uranus is round.

I don't need a telescope to see Uranus.

What will be the first thing the communists do if they own the solar system?

Rename Uranus to Ouranus.

If you shrunk the entire solar system down so that the sun was at the top of your head and the orbit of Pluto was at your feet, Uranus would be exactly where you would expect it to be.

What did Jupiter say to Neptune?

Hey! I can see Uranus from here!

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