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Japanese Popping Paper Toys Are Amazing!

Japanese popping paper penguin toy

A video of some extremely clever paper Japanese popping paper toys has gone viral on social media.

Could something as simple as paper be the next big craze? Could Origami be making a comeback?

Origami has been around for a very long time. The oldest known written document about Japanese origami, the Senbazuru Orikata ("How to Fold One Thousand Cranes"), surfaced in 1797! That is a very long time ago!

We all know about the standard folded origami crane but these things are next level, very clever indeed!

The cool popping toys in the video have been made by Japanese paper crafter Haruki Nakamura who is a whiz at designing mechanical paper karakuri-style animals that peek and pop in surprising ways. Karakuri, which means ‘trick’ or ‘mechanism’, are mechanical automata pieces that were first made in Japan during the 17th century.

Watch the video and be amazed

Which is your favourite? We love the jumping zombies best!

If you feel like having some fun and making your own Japanese popping toys, you can buy a kit with instructions from Amazon. Good popping fun for the whole family!

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